RIGHT klick on the following link and choose „In neuem Tab öffnen …“ to open this website in a SEPARATE TAB. If necessary „enable“ Flash. [If it still doesn’t work, try another browser.] Do the following exercises in the given order! After each exercise come back to THIS page to read what you are supposed to do next. As usual look up unknown words at PONS

If you want to learn/revise the symbols before you start, click on „Phonemic Chart“ (top left, second down).

Play ALL four games of „Phonetic Pelmanism“ (left side, third from bottom).

Play „Phonemic Flip“ (top left, second to the right) for several minutes. Mutter (murmeln) the words.

Play „Odd Phon‘ out“ (top right, second to the left) both with vowels and diphtongs.

Play „Shoot-a-Symbol“ (top row, fourth from the right) for several minutes.