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A Day for All (M)others

Abitur 2014/I Topic 1: “Mother’s Day should be abolished. Do you agree?” Von Kai Zenk.

Not only last year, also the year before I regrettably forgot Mother’s Day. Surely I was merely one out of many. When have YOU last remembered Mother’s Day? Already a few years ago? Don’t be ashamed, you are not alone. Shouldn’t Mother’s Day be abolished?

Firstly we don’t need a “special” day on which everybody pretends to help their mothers, whereas the rest of the year is reserved for letting Mum work in the household without anyone’s help. Helping with household chores should be a matter of course all year long. That is what all mothers would be pleased with.

Secondly our environment is polluted by all those gifts that are thrown into the rubbish bin a few days after. These presents cost water and energy during the production process, the transport in airplanes contributes to global warming and in addition plastics as polyester can’t be recycled.

Finally Mother’s Day has become a highly commercial issue in which a lot of businessmen see “big money”. Already a month before all shops are packed full with overpriced gifts, made for those who forgot to prepare earlier for this day or don’t want to think more about it. There is no sense in buying unnecessary gifts in order to appreciate the work every mother does in fields as childcare or household.

One day of harder work than usual and then a year off sounds like a good alternative to constant working, but this day wouldn’t be one for all mothers, but for everybody else. It would be a lot more useful not just to help our mothers only one day per year, but to support them every day a little bit e.g. by vacuuming the house once a week or doing the shopping from time to time. Therefore all days should be a little bit like Mother’s Day.


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