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HW Characterization

Watch the fol­lowing video. Do you like the pre­sen­ter? I find him slight­ly weird. Open the OALD in a dif­fe­rent tab and look up the words that are pre­sen­tend. Wri­te down TEN words that are new to you tog­e­ther with their Ger­man mea­ning (which you can get from Franks Wör­ter­buch), learn them and bring your list to the next les­son.  

HW Deep English

Go to Deep Eng­lish and choo­se a topic / video (in NORMAL speed) that you are inte­res­ted in. As usu­al pre­pa­re a short talk.

HW Vocab School Shootings / Gun Control

Learn the fol­lowing vocab: School Shoo­tings / Gun Con­trol


… macht auf den ers­ten Blick einen her­vor­ra­gen­den Ein­druck und ver­spricht eine gan­ze Men­ge:

Songtexte mit Deezer

Der kos­ten­lo­se Strea­ming-Ser­vice Dee­zer bie­tet eine schö­ne Mög­lich­keit wäh­rend des Anhö­rens eines Songs den Text mit­zu­le­sen. Man muss ledig­lich auf das Mikro­fon-Sym­bol („Song­text anzei­gen“) kli­cken (aus Adele’s „Someo­ne Like You“):


… ist ein anspre­chen­der kos­ten­lo­ser online Voka­bel­trai­ner

HW Lovely Summer Vocabulary

Stu­dy the intro­duc­tion of this arti­cle and watch the video.

Then stu­dy the text after the video and learn the red words.  Look up unknown words in the OALD and if necessa­ry in Franks Wör­ter­buch.


The devil lies in the detail

… bie­tet „Lus­ti­ges und Lehr­rei­ches über unse­re Lieb­lings­fremd­spra­che“:

Rich­ti­ges Eng­lisch? Ver­dammt schwie­rig. Mil­lio­nen Deut­sche geben sich für ihr Sprach­kön­nen eine gute Note, doch selbst die Bes­ten machen Feh­ler.

HW 10 Idioms About Books

Go to Eng­lish with a Twist, stu­dy the arti­cle and learn the idi­oms by heart.

Think of situa­tions / peop­le whe­re you could app­ly tho­se idi­oms in your own life.


… means: snUB­BING someo­ne in favour of your mobi­le PHo­ne. We’ve all done it: when a con­ver­sa­ti­on gets boring, the urge to check out an inte­res­ting person’s Twitter/ Facebook/ YouTube/ Pinterest/whatever feed can be over­whel­ming.

Examp­le: I went out for a date with John­ny and he did­n’t stop phub­bing me the who­le time, it was so rude, I ended up lea­ving ear­ly! [source]

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