Jochen Lüders

Englisch & Sport am Gymnasium und ein bisschen Tango

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HW Nonsense Gizmos

This is an era of drivel technology, things nobody normal wants devised by people who have forgotten what people are.

Study this Spectator article.


HW Deep English

Go to Deep English and choose a topic / video (in NORMAL speed) that you are interested in. As usual prepare a short talk.

HW Rules for Students

Study the following text. Look up all unknown words: Rules for Students.

HW Vocab School Shootings / Gun Control

Learn the following vocab: School Shootings / Gun Control

HW Common Mistakes II

Spot the mistake(s) in the following sentences. LEARN the bold words: Common Mistakes II

HW Common Mistakes I

Check whether you can translate the following sentences correctly. LEARN the bold words: Common Mistakes I

Girl at the Bar

… is a “social anxiety poem”:


The Answers

If you had access to a source of unlimited knowledge about your life, what would you ask? Would you start with the big questions? Like, What was my true purpose? Or have you always just wanted to find out who stole your bike in 7th grade? “The Answers” is a short film spanning the entire gauntlet one man’s personal curiosities as he fumbles toward the discovery of deeper meaning.


HW 2nd Conditional

Watch the following video.

an imaginary situation = eine imaginäre/ausgedachte Situation


HW Sick

Study Shel Silverstein’s poem “Sick”. Look up unknown words at PONS


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