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HW Nonsense Gizmos

This is an era of dri­vel tech­no­lo­gy, things nobo­dy nor­mal wants devi­sed by peop­le who have for­got­ten what peop­le are.

Stu­dy this Spec­ta­tor arti­cle.

HW Deep English

Go to Deep Eng­lish and choo­se a topic / video (in NORMAL speed) that you are inte­res­ted in. As usu­al pre­pa­re a short talk.

HW Rules for Students

Stu­dy the fol­lowing text. Look up all unknown words: Rules for Stu­dents.

HW Vocab School Shootings / Gun Control

Learn the fol­lowing vocab: School Shoo­tings / Gun Control

HW Common Mistakes II

Spot the mistake(s) in the fol­lowing sen­ten­ces. LEARN the bold words: Com­mon Mista­kes II

HW Common Mistakes I

Check whe­ther you can trans­la­te the fol­lowing sen­ten­ces cor­rect­ly. LEARN the bold words: Com­mon Mista­kes I

Girl at the Bar

… is a “social anxie­ty poem”:

The Answers

If you had access to a source of unli­mi­ted know­ledge about your life, what would you ask? Would you start with the big ques­ti­ons? Like, What was my true pur­po­se? Or have you always just wan­ted to find out who sto­le your bike in 7th gra­de? “The Ans­wers” is a short film span­ning the ent­i­re gaunt­let one man’s per­so­nal curio­si­ties as he fum­bles toward the dis­co­very of deeper meaning.

HW 2nd Conditional

Watch the fol­lowing video.

an ima­gi­na­ry situa­ti­on = eine imaginäre/ausgedachte Situation

HW Sick

Stu­dy Shel Silverstein’s poem “Sick”. Look up unknown words at PONS

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