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HW Smartphone Compulsion Test

Take this short test to find out how addic­ted you are to your smart­pho­ne.

HW A Brief History of America’s Independence

Watch the fol­lo­wing video. As usu­al, pre­pa­re a short talk. 


HW A Scientist Visits a Creationist Museum

Watch the fol­lo­wing video. As usu­al, pre­pa­re a short talk. 


HW The Industrial Revolution

Watch the fol­lo­wing video. As usu­al, pre­pa­re a short talk.


HW Love in the Time of Advertising

Here’s the plot sum­ma­ry of a video. Spe­cu­la­te about the sto­ry:

An ani­ma­ted musi­cal love sto­ry about a young man who lives insi­de a bill­board and is char­ged with updating the adver­ti­se­ments. When he falls in love with a beau­ti­ful lady living across the high­way, he has to use the only method he knows to get his mes­sa­ge across – adver­ti­sing.

Now watch the video. As usu­al pre­pa­re a short talk.

HW youthquake

Learn more about the Oxford Dic­tio­n­a­ries Word of the Year 2017. Stu­dy the arti­cle and watch the video.

HW The Best 2017 Super Bowl Commercials

Go to this web­site and watch the com­mer­ci­als 1. Wix, 2. Bud­wei­ser, 3. Audi, 4. Mer­ce­des and 8. Kia. Which com­mer­ci­al do you like best? Why?

HW The Top 10 Best Super Bowl Commercials Of All Time

Go to this web­site. Stu­dy ALL the comments and watch ALL the com­mer­ci­als. Then choo­se your favou­rite one. Pre­pa­re a short talk in which you describe/retell the com­mer­ci­al and exp­lain why you like it best.

HW Do you speak Schulenglisch?

Do this quiz. When you make mista­kes try to find out e.g. with the help of this web­site or your CEG grammar WHY some­thing is wrong.

And, yes, 150.000 points is ridi­cu­lous, 15 would be enough. 😉

HW Present Perfect: Simple vs. Progressive Form

First stu­dy this Gegen­über­stel­lung. Then go to this site, scroll down to “3. Gegen­über­stel­lun­gen von Zeit­for­men” and do exer­ci­ses 4440, 4410, 4412 and 4414.

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