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I’m A Slave 4 U

LK-Abitur 2006 II, Com­po­si­ti­on, Topic 1: Modern Forms of Slavery

Auf­satz mei­ner LK-Schü­le­rin Esther Schmidt:

I’m A Slave 4 U

All human bein­gs are born free and equal in digni­ty and rights.“ is the first sen­tence of the Uni­ver­sal Decla­ra­ti­on of Human Rights which was adop­ted by the United Nati­ons Gene­ral Assem­bly on Decem­ber 10, 1948. Nevertheless the­re are many human bein­gs who are not free and have no digni­ty and no rights. Alt­hough slavery is ille­gal in every coun­try of the world, it still exists.

Nowa­days slavery is not that dif­fe­rent from what it was in the past. Not only adults have to work for a pit­tance but also child­ren. For examp­le in Ban­gla­desh child labor is the big­gest ille­gal inco­me. Child­ren spend time in win­dow­less indus­tri­al buil­dings with just one break a day, loading and unloading assem­bly lines and trans­port vehi­cles. Many goods, like clothes or MP3-Play­ers are pro­du­ced in Ban­gla­desh and get impor­ted to other con­ti­nents.

But not only working in fac­to­ries can be a form of slavery. Many sea­so­nal workers from Eas­tern Euro­pe work on plan­ta­ti­ons. At a heat of 40°C they have to bring in the har­vest. In the night­time they sleep on plan­ta­ti­ons under cor­ru­ga­ted iron roofs without any hygie­nic ser­vice and under humi­lia­ting cir­cum­s­tan­ces nobo­dy can ima­gi­ne.

We will never know whe­ther the Burj Cha­li­fa sky­s­cra­per in Dubai was built by legal workers or not. Many con­struc­tion workers from India work in Dubai, just like the child­ren in Ban­gla­desh, for ludi­crous­ly low wages. Without any iden­ti­ty, becau­se their pass­ports were taken away by their employ­ers, they have to work alt­hough they don’t have a working per­mit.

The worst form of modern slavery howe­ver is pro­sti­tu­ti­on. At an age of bare­ly six­teen years girls e.g. in Asia have walk the streets to earn money for their fami­lies. Losing their vir­gini­ty is easy money and sel­ling their body to stran­gers as well.

We mus­tn’t clo­se our eyes to the­se forms of slavery and con­stant­ly remind our poli­ti­ci­ans to demand respect for the Uni­ver­sal Decla­ra­ti­on of Human Rights.


Durch die (SMS / Chat) Schreib­wei­se „4 U“ (for you) in der Über­schrift wird der Bezug zu „modern“ her­ge­stellt. Die Über­schrift „funk­tio­niert“ auch wenn man die Anspie­lung auf Brit­ney Spears nicht erkennt, denn dann kann man den Titel z.B. auf die Pro­sti­tu­ti­on bezie­hen.

Gelun­gen ist der Rück­be­zug im letz­ten Satz auf die Erklä­rung der Men­schen­rech­te in der Ein­lei­tung („roun­ding off“, „cir­cle struc­tu­re“).

Statt des übli­chen „First …, Second …, Final­ly …“ fin­den sich „smooth tran­si­ti­ons“ wie z.B. „But not only working in fac­to­ries can be a form of slavery.“

Die Bei­spie­le sind gut gewählt und aktu­ell (z.B. „the Burj Cha­li­fa sky­s­cra­per in Dubai“). Außer­dem „cli­mac­tic order“: „The worst form of modern slavery howe­ver …“

Sehr guter Wort­schatz: pit­tance, cor­ru­ga­ted iron roofs, ludi­crous­ly low wages etc.


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  1. Julius

    Ges­tern Abend lief eine scho­ckie­ren­de Repor­ta­ge bei arte über Skla­ve­rei im moder­nen Chi­na. In dem Bei­trag (Video) wird über Eltern berich­tet, die ihre Kin­der suchen. Die­se wur­den sehr wahr­schein­lich zur Skla­ven­ar­beit in Zie­ge­lei­en und ande­ren Betrie­ben ver­schleppt.

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