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Stopping by Stores

With qui­te pro­found apo­lo­gies to Robert Frost

(Tipp von Max Mül­ler)

Who­se stores are the­se? I think I know
Their office in the city, though
Has came­ras that watch us here
When we shop­ping blithe­ly go.

My working fri­ends don’t think it queer
That I per­sist in shop­ping here
Bet­ween the genui­ne and fake
There’s late night shop­ping all the year.

I have new boots and my feet ache
I have made that sad mista­ke
With the wrong size, and I won’t keep
Them on merely for fashion’s sake.

The shops are lovely, bright and cheap
And I have shoes that I can’t keep
But pounds to spend befo­re I sleep.
And pounds to spend befo­re I sleep.

Quel­le: The worst poems in the Eng­lish lan­guage


Citizen Simpson

Nächster Beitrag

Elizabeth: The Golden Age

  1. Max

    The Tap by Adri­an Mole

    The tap drips and keeps me awa­ke
    In the morning the­re will be a lake
    For want of a was­her, the car­pet will spoil
    And then for ano­t­her my father will toil.
    My father could snuff it while he’s at work.
    Dad, fit a was­her, don’t be a berk!

    (stammt aus der­sel­ben Quel­le)

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