Goog­le, Twit­ter and Face­book workers who hel­ped make tech­no­lo­gy so addic­tive are dis­con­nec­ting them­sel­ves from the inter­net. Paul Lewis reports on the Sili­con Val­ley refu­se­niks alar­med by a race for human atten­ti­on

Pflicht­lek­tü­re für alle, die immer noch ernst­haft glau­ben, dass der Unter­richt bzw. das „Ler­nen“ mit Hil­fe von Smart­pho­nes digi­ta­li­siert wer­den soll­te.

It is reve­aling that many of the­se youn­ger tech­no­lo­gists are wea­ning them­sel­ves off their own pro­duc­ts, sen­ding their child­ren to éli­te Sili­con Val­ley schools whe­re iPho­nes, iPads and even lap­tops are ban­ned.

Wei­ter­le­sen … (the­guar­di­an, Tipp von Max Mül­ler)