The following article explores the words and phrases we use to describe situations in which you feel worried and unable to relax. Learn the bold adjectives together with their German translations.  

anxious (sorgenvoll, besorgt) an anxious time or situation is one that makes you feel worried:
  • We had a few anxious moments while the votes were being counted.
  • These are anxious times for Democrats.

Nouns frequently used with anxious: day,  hour,  moment,  time,  times,  wait,  week

tense (angespannt) making you feel nervous and not relaxed, because you do not know what is going to happen next:

  • There was a tense silence as everyone waited for his reaction.
  • The atmosphere in the courtroom was extremely tense.

Nouns frequently used with tense: atmosphere,  finish,  moment,  negotiations,  period,  silence,  situation,  stand-off

stressful (stressig, anstrengend, aufreibend) a stressful job or situation involves or causes you a lot of worry, especially because you have too much to do or too much to think about:

  • My new job is very stressful.
  • Stressful conditions may affect people’s memory.

Nouns frequently used with stressful: day,  event,  experience,  job,  situation,  time,  week

nerve-wracking or nerve-racking (nervenaufreibend) making you feel extremely nervous or worried:

  • a nerve-wracking few days that have seen billions wiped off the value of shares

Source: Macmillan Dictionary