Neu­lich in einer die­ser end­lo­sen, öden Stun­den …

It appeared insi­de our class­room
at a quar­ter after ten,
it gob­bled up the black­board,
three era­sers and a pen.
It gob­bled teacher’s apple
and it bop­ped her with the core.
“How dare you!” she respon­ded.
“You must lea­ve us … there’s the door.”

The crea­tu­re didn’t lis­ten
but descri­bed an ara­bes­que
as it gob­bled all her pen­cils,
seven note­books and her desk.
Tea­cher sta­ted very calm­ly,
“Sir! you sim­ply can­not stay.
I’ll report you to the princi­pal
unless you go away!”

But the thing con­ti­nued eating,
it ate paper, swal­lo­wed ink.
As it gob­bled up our home­work,
I belie­ve I saw it wink.
Tea­cher final­ly lost her tem­per.
OUT!” she shou­t­ed at the crea­tu­re.
The crea­tu­re hop­ped bes­i­de her
and GLOPP … it gob­bled tea­cher.

Von Jack Pre­lut­s­ky