In unse­rem Eng­lisch­buch für die 10. Klas­se ist ein Aus­zug aus Alan Ayck­bourns Stück „Giz­mo“. Aus die­sem Grund lau­te­te eine Auf­ga­be in der Schul­auf­ga­be:

Ima­gi­ne you are an inven­tor and can invent any ‘giz­mo’ you like. What would you crea­te? Think of an inte­res­ting / sui­ta­ble name and descri­be what you could do with your giz­mo, how it would work and why it would be a gre­at inven­ti­on. Wri­te about 250 words.

Ich mag sol­che Auf­ga­ben­stel­lun­gen, weil man lau­ter unter­schied­li­che Text bekommt und nicht (wie sonst so häu­fig) x-mal den mehr oder weni­ger den­sel­ben Text. Auch dies­mal hat­ten mei­ne Schü­ler wie­der schö­ne Ide­en:

  • The „Memo­ra­tor“ is a tiny chip that helps you to save all your memo­ries. Peop­le who suf­fer from Alz­hei­mer can „rel­oad“ all their memo­ries into their heads.
  • The „HIZMO“ is a giz­mo for the head. With its help you can mani­pu­la­te peop­le in a posi­ti­ve way, e.g. stop vio­lence.
  • The „Dream­S­aver“ helps you to save all your dreams. Never again will you for­get your won­der­ful dreams.
  • The „Mas­ter­Chair“ is a kind of rocket with which you can tra­vel ultra­fast and com­for­ta­b­ly to any place.
  • Histo­ry­Tea­cher 2.0“ would make it pos­si­ble to explo­re the lives of your ances­tors. You only have to own some­thing that belon­ged to your ances­tors.
  • The „ma-mi“ (magic mir­ror) could tele­port you to any place you like.
  • With the help of my „SIRC“ (Super Intel­li­gent Remo­te Con­trol) dis­ab­led peop­le could move again.
  • With the help of my „PIYS“ (Print It Yours­elf) poor peop­le all over the world could „print“ all the things they need like medi­ci­ne, food and money.
  • My giz­mo „Preacher“ would turn for­mer cri­mi­nals into bet­ter peop­le.
  • With the help of my „Suit 2.0“ dis­ab­led peop­le could move and walk again. With the addi­tio­nal colour-scan­ner spe­cial glas­ses (which turns colours into dif­fe­rent sounds) blind peop­le can „hear­see“ their envi­ron­ment.
  • My „DSNW 2.0“ (Do Sports Not War) gad­get could make peop­le lead more active and healt­hy lives.
  • With my „Mind­Re­ader“ sun­glas­ses you would know what other peop­le are real­ly thin­king.