In unserem Englischbuch für die 10. Klasse ist ein Auszug aus Alan Ayckbourns Stück „Gizmo“. Aus diesem Grund lautete eine Aufgabe in der Schulaufgabe:

Imagine you are an inventor and can invent any ‘gizmo’ you like. What would you create? Think of an interesting / suitable name and describe what you could do with your gizmo, how it would work and why it would be a great invention. Write about 250 words.

Ich mag solche Aufgabenstellungen, weil man lauter unterschiedliche Text bekommt und nicht (wie sonst so häufig) x-mal den mehr oder weniger denselben Text. Auch diesmal hatten meine Schüler wieder schöne Ideen:

  • The „Memorator“ is a tiny chip that helps you to save all your memories. People who suffer from Alzheimer can „reload“ all their memories into their heads.
  • The „HIZMO“ is a gizmo for the head. With its help you can manipulate people in a positive way, e.g. stop violence.
  • The „DreamSaver“ helps you to save all your dreams. Never again will you forget your wonderful dreams.
  • The „MasterChair“ is a kind of rocket with which you can travel ultrafast and comfortably to any place.
  • „HistoryTeacher 2.0“ would make it possible to explore the lives of your ancestors. You only have to own something that belonged to your ancestors.
  • The „ma-mi“ (magic mirror) could teleport you to any place you like.
  • With the help of my „SIRC“ (Super Intelligent Remote Control) disabled people could move again.
  • With the help of my „PIYS“ (Print It Yourself) poor people all over the world could „print“ all the things they need like medicine, food and money.
  • My gizmo „Preacher“ would turn former criminals into better people.
  • With the help of my „Suit 2.0“ disabled people could move and walk again. With the additional colour-scanner special glasses (which turns colours into different sounds) blind people can „hearsee“ their environment.
  • My „DSNW 2.0“ (Do Sports Not War) gadget could make people lead more active and healthy lives.
  • With my „MindReader“ sunglasses you would know what other people are really thinking.