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Learning styles – debunked

Kamen dir die (angeblich) unterschiedlichen Lerntypen (visuell, auditiv etc.) auch immer merkwürdig vor? Falls Ben Ambridge recht hat, kannst du sie vergessen, denn das Ganze ist ein Mythos:

Learning styles are made up and are not supported by scientific evidence. So we know this because in tightly controlled experimental studies, when learners are given material to learn either in their preferred style or an opposite style, it makes no difference at all to the amount of information that they retain. And if you think about it for just a second, it’s just obvious that this has to be true. It’s obvious that the best presentation format depends not on you, but on what you’re trying to learn. Could you learn to drive a car, for example, just by listening to someone telling you what to do with no kinesthetic experience? Could you solve simultaneous equations by talking them through in your head and without writing them down? Could you revise for your architecture exams using interpretive dance if you’re a kinesthetic learner? No. What you need to do is match the material to be learned to the presentation format, not you. (Interactive transcript bei 4:17)


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  1. Hatte ich zwar auch schonmal gehört, ist aber nicht schlecht. Was es außer Acht lässt ist natürlich, dass es positiv für das Erinnern ist, wenn man mehrere Kanäle kombiniert.

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